Saturday, August 2, 2008



The other night Jack and I watched a television drama called "See
How She Runs." The story concerned a 40-year-old divorced teacher
from Boston who decided to become a jogger and eventually entered
the 26 Mile Boston Marathon. To finish the race became her goal,
and in spite of being harassed, jeered at and assaulted, she did
not lose sight of it. The day of the race came and she faced her
ultimate test.

As she ran, huge blisters developed on her feet. She was also hit
and injured by bicycle. And several miles short of the finish line
found her utterly exhausted. Yet she kept going. Then, within a
few hundred yards of the finish line, late at night when most other
runners had either finished or dropped out, she fell and lay flat
on her face, too tired to raise her head. But her friends had put
up the crude tape across the finish line and began to cheer her on.
She lifted her head with great effort, saw the tape, and realized
her goal was within sight. With a supreme effort she got up on her
bruised and bleeding feet, and in a burst of energy dredged up from
deep inside her courageous heart, she ran the last few yards.

She had kept her eyes on the goal and for the joy of finishing,
she endured.

We are to do what our example, Jesus Christ, did on earth. He kept
looking at the goal, not the going. He was seeing the prize, not
the process; the treasure, not to trial; the joy, not the journey.
And we must do the same!

By Carole Mayhall

I loved this quote from the above story, "We are to do what our example, Jesus Christ, did on earth. He kept LOOKING AT THE GOAL, NOT THE GOING. HE WAS SEEING THE PRIZE, NOT THE PROCESS: THE TREASURE, NOT THE TRIAL: THE JOY, NOT THE JOURNEY. AND WE MUST DO THE SAME!"

I have been looking at the goal of losing down to 150 bringing me a more healthy life. The going this week has seemed most unimportant as I kept my eyes on the goal. I have not looked at the process just did what had to be done knowing that in the end God would give me the victory! The treasure of being in God's will has made the trial a joy and the journey one of great expatiation! So, I hope this story encourages you as much as it has me this week.

The week has been full and I have enjoyed the Rotation very much. I loved being able to have bread and fruit, cheese, protein, milk, vegetables, the whole variety of things that God has given to us to eat to make our bodies healthy. I did not feel deprived even once. The weight loss has been very good and as I start my second week, I am so excited about what God chooses to show me this week. I have loved reading and listening to more music and even being on the stationary bike. I never once felt that I was being punished.

My prayers have been for each of you this week also. I pray that God has sustained you as you keep your eyes on your own goals. I pray that you have learned a little more about your selves so that in the days ahead you will know how to handle the many situations that come up in life. I pray that God has given you what you need to finish this journey and end up with the prize and victory. You all have it in your grasp, you just have to want it bad enough. Keep trying and with each step, I pray that it becomes easier for each of us. God bless you. connie


SUNDAY--- I must say that I was tempted today. Our church had it monthly Birthday Party for those who had birthday's in the month of August. It is always a joyous time. We all bring refreshments and drinks and we sing "Happy Birthday" to those having birthday. NO, No, Our singing may not be the best in the world but I know for one the singing of Happy Birthday in my month always touches my heart and I love the fact that those that I care so much about are singing Happy Birthday , no only to me but the others who have my same birthday month. It is lots of fun!!

But it is always such a temptation to me. I love to eat and fellowship. My husband let me buy Fried chicken for this special Month of August.Fried Chicken is also a big temptation to me. I prayed to myself the whole day for the Lord to show me what to do. I wanted to go to show how much I loved those who were having birthdays but I knew that I could not keep my eyes on the goal and follow my diet plan if I partook of the refreshments. As the time drew nearer and nearer that night, I felt very calm. I went upstairs and prepared my food to be eaten, sang Happy Birthday with my whole heart and then I thanked God that I didn't need the food to make me happy. So, I waited til the end of the line which is always very long and everyone had their food then I put what was left of what I had brought on other's plates and by that time my husband had finished eating. We got our things, telling those around good bye until we would meet again and went home. I felt very good and not deprived at all. I thanked God for the strength He had given to me and for the Victory that I had won through Him.

MONDAY----A STORM was expected in our area for the following morning. Now, I usually eat when I am worried, bored, hurt or lonely. I decided that I would not worry. I prayed the storm would not come here nor would it go anywhere that people would be hurt. I relaxed and went about my day. Stayed in God's Will.

TUESDAY--- The storm did not come our way. I thanked the Lord nor did it do anything but good. It gave rain that was much needed. I tend to eat when something big is over and has ended well also.I am learning that I eat for just about everything! Today, Occasionally I felt the temptation to eat something for comfort. lol. Comfort, no, no, not in that way anymore!!! I got my Bible out and began to memorize some verses we are to be learning in Proverbs and put a CD on that played classical Opera. I almost learned four verses and this was my first time to listen to opera and I found I liked it. So I will consider today a blessing and Thank God!!

WEDNESDAY----I have had a very good day. Tonight is our Wednesday night Church, so I have been looking forward to that all the day. Things have been quiet and simple, no problems for which I am thankful. Am still doing really good, had a chance to write two poems today. connie

THURSDAY----Very slow day, so far, but it is a day that I rejoice in for God did make it. I have followed my rotation exactly and on sunday, I change back to the first one. I am glad, I don't have to eat as much. I am having a hard time doing my stationary bike ride but still trying there also. It started out fine but then my hip messed up on me so, no bike riding for a few days. It want stop me though, I will just find another way. see you tomorrow.


Tori said...

That's basically the recipe for success, keep our eyes on Him and on the goal.
Sometimes that's so hard but it's whats needed.
Thank for the encouragement Connie!


Tori you are welcome. Hope things are going well for your church. I have been praying for you. Hope things are going well with you and your family. God's blessings on you all. connie

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

What an encouraging story :)

I'm so glad you have found a diet that you like! Losing weight is a much better experience when you don't feel punished the entire time.
I'll continue to pray for you, Connie!


Dear Pam-in Jerusalem, I appreciate your prayers very much. The diet is being good to me. I hope that I can use it to bring glory and honor to my LOrd and Saviour. connie

Holli said...

Hi Connie. I will be praying for you and your weight loss. This is Holli from Keepers at Home.


Dear Holli, I don't know how I missed your comment but somehow I did. Thank you so much for praying for me. I know that I need all the prayer and help that I can get. It is so nice to hear from you and it blesses my heart. Thanks so much. connie