Wednesday, April 28, 2010



I wanted to check in with any, who maybe coming here to visit. So, here I am.

I have been thinking a lot about changes recently. One of my all time dreams, has been to play the piano. I tried once when I was a very young girl. Our Pastor's wife was going to teach me but we did not have a piano and I could not go to the church every day to practice. So, it did not come to pass.

I have tried to see that all our children could play some instrument if they wanted. I have seen three of them practice the piano as well as several other instruments, in our home. I am most joyful when I hear one of them or one of my Grandchildren playing the piano or another instrument. To be honest, I love hearing anyone play the piano or any kind of relaxing type music.

My Granddaughter by marriage started last week to give me piano lessons.YES!!! After all these many years, my dream has a chance of coming true. I have loved it!! I know that I will not feel uncomfortable or intimidated by her.So, I love her showing me the things that I need to learn. I just want to play simply, the church songs that I love. I have so missed the music in the years since my children, who could play, left home to be married.

Since the small stroke that I had keeps me from always saying the right word or words, I am hoping that the exercising my mind in this way,will be a help in that area also. If not, then I am praying that the Lord will give me an additional way of speaking from my heart.

So, changes come in many different forms. As we try to get our bodies and ways of eating back into line with the way God would have us to be, we can make even small changes each day. I know that when I first really began to eat in a different way, I would think about how much food that I always put on my plate. Then, I would make a conscious effort to put only half that much on my plate. Now, I can only eat about a third of what I once did. Just strive to made simple changes. Take a piece of fruit instead of a piece of pie, You get the idea.

I am staying right at 200 pounds for which I am thankful. In another couple of weeks, I hope to start losing a little again. But I am having to learn to keep it at a level that I want to be at, before I continue.

I have loved getting into old clothes and even shoes that I was not able to wear at 256 pounds. I feel like I almost have a new wardrobe. It is so much fun!!

I know that one day, my change will be complete when I get to heaven but until then, I will try to make my will God's will and His way my way. Hope you are making those small changes each day also. See, if we fail one hour then we can go on and make the other 23 the way they were intended to be. May God bless you each day as you try. connie

Monday, April 12, 2010




When I really am contented
That my wish be set aside,
When I cease from selfish longings,
When I triumph over pride;
When I'm willing to relinquish
"To be nothing"-- as we sing,
But a :broken, empty vessel"
In the service for my King--

When I calmly take unkindness,
And as meekly bear a sneer;
When I'm willing to relinquish
All that earth is holding dear;
When the falseness of some dear one
Fails to waken in my heart
Any bitter, hard resentment,
Or to wing an angry dart--

When in patient, loving silence
I can hear my good made ill;
When I suffer any discord
Or annoyance, happy still.
And content with any climate,
Any raiment, any food,
Bear with any interruption,
Company or solitude--

When I cease to long for earth's love,
And content to be unknown;
When I smile if friends neglect me,
Happy in His love alone;
When I lose myself in Jesus,
And surroundings cease to be,
With their little jars and discords,
Able to discourage me--

Lord, I cannot hope to triumph
Over every form of sin,
And to live but for Thy glory
While my own will reigns within;
So I bring my will to Thee, Lord;
Rule Thou me in all my ways,
And the glory should be Thine, Lord,
And the honor and the praise--

There are so many things in this life that I would love to have victory in doing or being. But in this poem, I think this verse says it all. "LORD, I CANNOT HOPE TO TRIUMPH OVER EVERY FORM OF SIN, AND TO LIVE BUT FOR THY GLORY WHILE MY OWN WILL REIGNS WITHIN; SO I BRING MY WILL TO THEE, LORD; RULE THOU ME IN ALL MY WAYS, AND THE GLORY SHOULD BE THINE, LORD, AND THE HONOR AND THE PRAISE----THAT IS VICTORY!"

Some days trying to lose weight is much harder than other days. It is on those days especially that we have to turn our wills over to the Lord. So that He can rule us. It is days like this that we are seeming incapable of making good decisions about the food we eat or how much we are to eat. Then when He does see us though these hard times, we should be sure to give Him the honor and the praise for any victory that we have.

When we turn our wills over to Him that is when we become "TRUE WINNERS." It is then that we receive the VICTOR'S CROWN. HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A GOOD DAY TODAY♥♥♥connie