Thursday, December 30, 2010



Little drops of water
Little grains of sand,' Make the mighty ocean And the pleasant land.

So the little moments,
Humble though they be, Make the mighty ages of eternity. copied


There's an unknown path before me,
And yet I fear it not:
I know through all the years gone by,
Whate're has been my lot;
That a kind and Heavenly Father
Planned out the way for me;
And I know that in the future,
Watched over I shall be,
Yes, I know God's care and kindness
Will ever with me stay
To assist me on life's journey,
And brighten up my way.

So the, welcome, unknown future,
Bring me whate'er you will.
With God's loving hand to guide me,
I shall be care for still!

It will soon be a new year for us to use wisely or squander in numerous ways. A new year all bright and shiny with out any failures or disappointments to hinder us on our way.

We get to start over with a clean new slate to do our best each day to make God's Way our Way and His Will our will. We can do it, you and I and with God to help us, we can and will make it to our goal.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EACH OF YOU!!! Looking forward to getting closer to our goals this new year and then at the end of this new year, as we look back we will be happy in knowing that we have done our best!!! connie

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


WILL----Used to express desire, choice, willingness, consent.WAY----The course traveled from one place to another, a series of actions, or sequence of events leading in a direction or toward an objective.MY OBJECTIVE IS TO MAKE GOD'S WILL, MY WAY.

It has been a while and I am happy to be back. I have been doing good with my weight. I have not lost very much more but I have learned a lot. I have learned to control what I am eating and how much. I hope to lose at least 20 more pounds this next year. I am now down to 195. For me, this is wonderful. I do feel much better. I had a small stroke August a year ago and it has taken me a while to get over that and learn exactly what I can and can not do. Sometimes I get sad and yet I am so thankful that it was only a small stroke and I hope not to ever have another. But God's will for my life is what I desire most.

So, if any of you still come to this place, I will be seeing you soon. I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A MOST HAPPY NEW YEAR. ♥♥connie