Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I AM A BUTTERFLY~~~~~~~~~~;)

WILL----Used to express desire, choice, willingness, consent.

WAY----The course traveled from one place to another, a series of actions, or sequence of events leading in a direction or toward an objective.

I guess you thought I had given up or worse yet died. Not neither. I have just had some problems with my hip and could not sit at the computer for long at a time. I tried to keep up with my other blog http://connies-thoughts.blogspot.com but didn't do a very good job of that either.
I wanted to let you know that Curves did not work out for me. Certainly not because I did not love going and I loved doing the exercises but each time that I went, sadly to say my joints hurt me more and more. The doctor told me that I had to quit, it was making my joints inflamed. So, I may have had to quit that part but I have not forgotten what my real goal is. I am not losing but thanks be to God, I am not gaining. I have had to sit more than usual because when my hip gets bad, I can not lay or stand very well.
I hope that each of you are having good success whether you are in a holding pattern or losing with with zeal. If you find you have gained some pounds all is not lost. You just have to make a decision to go again. With each new day renew that decision and continue on.
One day we will celebrate when I finally make it down to that magic number of 200. I will appreciate it more than ever because it has been so much harder to get there this time.
I loved this little picture. We are really butterflies in this weight loss journey. We may just be cocoons in the flesh but God is making us into beautiful butterflies. One day we will spread our wings and fly!! Keep trying. connie