Monday, May 26, 2008


Tomorrow will begin my sixty fifth year of life. I don't think that I can remember a time since I have been in my pre-teens that I have not had some concern about my weight. In the early years mostly about how I looked but in the last three decades of my life, it has been as much about my pleasing the Lord in taking care of the house in which He gave me to live. I may go out of this world not having done what I would like to do in this area of my life but I pray that I will always be found trying.

Tomorrow as I go out to Cracker Barrel to eat breakfast with my husband, I will have to keep the important things in my mind. I know me, if I do not, then I will regret it in a few days. I am very thankful that God has given me these wonderful years. I have learned so much about Him and how I should be pleasing Him. I have learned things that I thought I would never see in a different way. But thought his grace and the wisdom He has given to me, I see things today that I was not able to see before. So I am looking forward to knowing my Lord even better in the years or days or moments that He still gives me.

I can not say that I have full control of my emotions yet but they are under much better control today than they were a couple of months ago. I haven't been faithful to exercise yet but I have not given up. I have not lost but I am keeping the weight under control with God's great help.

Sometimes, I wish that I had a body where I could just eat whenever I got ready and be slim and healthy as could be. I have prayed for such a situation for many years. I am afraid that for some reason it will never be that way for me in this life. Maybe if I were some slim "chick", I would not be what I should be for the Lord. I don't know what the reason ,but I do accept that this will be my fight for the rest of my life. I will continue to try and when I fail, I will try some more. If I were to give up, I know that my length of life would be effected. My health would be in great jeopardy. So, I will just trust God and continue trying. One day though, in heaven, I will be perfect and these things will not matter, but until then-----------may you find me trying. connie

Saturday, May 17, 2008


On New Year's Day, 1929, Georgia Tech played the University of California in the Rose Bowl. In the first half, Roy Riegels recovered a fumble for California, but he became confused about direction and ran the wrong way. One of his teammates tackled him just yards before he scored for the opposing team. When California tried to punt, Tech blocked the kick and scored a safety, which became the winning margin.During the halftime, the Cal players sat quietly, waiting to hear what the coach had to say. He was uncharacteristically quiet. Riegels put his blanket around his shoulders, stayed in a corner, put his face in his hands, and cried like a baby. Three minutes before playing time, Coach Price looked at the team and said simply, "Men, the same team that played the first half will start the second."The players filed onto the field, but Riegels did not budge. "Roy, didn't you hear me?" the coach asked.Riegels responded, "I couldn't face that crowd in the stadium to save my life." Coach Price put his hand on Roy's shoulder and said. "Roy, get up and go on back; the game is only half over." Tech men to this day will tell you they have never seen a man play football as Roy Riegels played that second half.copiedThose of us who have had gains in our journey to weight loss have got to look back and "SEE" what and where we went wrong. Then we must look forward and continue the journey to its completion.I will be the first one to say, I did cry like a baby the first time that I stepped upon the scales and they started going the wrong way and to such an extent. I allowed my self a time to wallow in my own self pity. I could see that was not getting me anywhere at least anywhere that I wanted to go. So instead of wallowing, I once again got down on my knees and ask my Heavenly Father to forgive me where I had failed, naming as many of those areas that I could bring to my memory. Then I still had to face all of you. I do take this responsibility as being very important. If I am going to try to help and tell you all what you might do then I sure have to be sure that I am doing those same things. It was not easy for me. Pride, you could say, shame was there also. I did not want to be responsible for any of you failing as I had. I put all that over and behind me and faced writing that first blog.God has given me such good encouraging friends. You were there to help me and I want to thank you all very much.I have lost two pounds and I have been getting off sugar and most bread slowly but on Monday, I will start back fully into my plan.I have bought me a stool that you sit on and do exercises. I can't really explain it. I am going to do that and walk in place. So , on next Saturday when I weigh in, I want to be able to be a good example to all of you.I am past "half time," but all of you are not. It is not a ballgame that we are playing. It is our lives that could hang in the balance and especially a quality life. So, come on , let's get out there and run the race until we reach the goal.If we have set backs well, we will continue to get up and try again until we finally accomplish that thing that we started. I am praying for each of you and when you are praying, I would appreciate you mentioning my name to the Lord. Thank you so much.

connie, your partner in reaching for the prize!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I can not say that I am glad to be back. I have dreaded this day for a few weeks now. I even thought very much about not coming back. I knew though that if I did not, I would then be a quitter. I do not want to be that. So here I am facing up to the last couple of months. I wish I could say that I have continued to lose but I can not. I wish I could say that I have not gained but I can not but here I am ready to start this all over again one more time.

The past weeks have been very busy and full of meals out, meals not planned, meals with others, bad meals, meals not good for me . I can not honestly other than a few times that I have over eaten but I just haven't eaten the right things. But the results are in and I have gained ten pounds. I know no other thing to do that forget what is behind and continue on pressing for the mark.

I hope all of you have done well, I would not wish these feelings of failure on any of you. But if you find yourself in my position, I do pray for us both as we try once again. I will not give up and I do believe if I continue to do it God's way and give Him my will then in His time I will get my weight down to a more healthy weight. So come on you all , let do this together. connie