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The main points of 10 Steps You Can Take To Guarantee Failure are quotes taken from a post by Goals And Goal Setting.

01) "MAKE YOUR GOALS VAGUE"------I have certainly had vague goals down through the years. Things like, " I sure hope that I am down to 150 pounds by Christmas, or my anniversary etc. I sure would like to keep my calories down to 1000 for this week.

02) "MAKE YOUR GOALS DIFFICULT TO VISUALIZE"----- Finally in the last few months, I have posted a picture of what I look like right now. I have just realized that I also need to have a picture up by the side of that one to show what I looked like 100pounds lighter. I must do that today. Yea! I am beginning to visualise. I have almost forgotten what I did look like.

03) "THINK AND SPEAK NEGATIVELY ABOUT YOUR GOALS."-----I know how to do this by heart. I have done it so often down through the years. Things like, "I know, I will never make it but I will trrry." Knowing all the time, I was not going to try very hard.This one is a good one that I have used a lot also, "I will start tomorrow, since we are having company over tomorrow, well, our anniversary is coming up in a month, I think I will wait until then, I just under too much stress right now, It is too cloudy, too much sun, too humid, I will walk tomorrow, next week, oh maybe, I better not do it right now, it might make me too sore." I am so good at this, it is a wonder that I have ever accomplished even a pound loss.

04) "AVOID PLANNING INCREMENTAL STEPS"------ "Oh, yes, I wouldn't want to do this, I don't want to place myself under too much stress, or accountability." "I just hate to keep food journals, if fact I have NEVER TRIED TO KEEP ONE." "Planning today or for a week what I will be eating at any given time." "Planning for situations that may come up and make provisions for them."

05)"DON'T DO---JUST TALK"------- This has been my mode of operation many times in my life. I will prepare to start a diet. I even figure out how many pounds I want to lose in a specific amount of time and brag to all my friends, "Hey, I am starting on a diet tomorrow. You just wait til you see me six months from now!" But when the actual doing time came, I could always find a perfectly acceptable excuse.

06) "WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE MOTIVATED"----- It has always been against my "religion" to go on a diet unmotivated. I wouldn't even know how.

07) "DON'T SET A DATE"----I don't really want to be a date setter, something might come up then I would feel like I had failed. That is toooo much pressure for me right now.

08) "LIST WHY ITS IMPOSSIBLE"-----I see that I am an expert on more than one of these things. I can make a list a mile long of all the reasons why it will be impossible for me to succeed on my diet. "The kids are coming today,I feel to down today, I don't want anymore stress right now, we don't have the money to buy the foods that I need to succeed, I can't exercise, I am too old." You know all the things why we tell ourselves that it is impossible for us to lose weight.

09) "DON'T RESEARCH YOUR GOAL"---- To be honest in the last few months is the first time I have ever researched my goals and the reasons why I wanted to lose the weight. I have never thought much about dieting except that it prevented me from eating all that I wanted when I wanted it.

10) "THINK ABOUT ANYTHING EXCEPT YOUR GOAL"----Boy, can I think of all kinds of things to think about when it comes time for me to use some disciple in my life in the area of eating. It is usually along these lines, "now, how much can I eat and still make myself believe that I am still on a diet and trying." I have only learned these last few months the difference between hunger and appetite. That has been one of the greatest things that I have learned.

I hope these things will help you to THINK. It sure did me. connie


Sunny Days said...

Hi Connie,
These are really great things to think about and to remind ourselves to stay positive and not to dwell on the always sets us up for failure.

Thanks for all your encouraging words. I love it when you stop by and leave me a comment.


Dear Sunny Days, thank you. I love your visits also. They are so encouraging. come anytime. connie