Thursday, July 10, 2008



He knows it all--the winding path,
The sky o'er cast and grey,
The steepness of the mountainside,
The roughness of the way.

He knows it all--the haunting fear,
The doubtings that distress
And all the strain and stress.

He knows it all--each troubled thought,
Each anxious wave of care,
And every burden, every grief,
Or cross that thou dost bear.

He knows it all--thy weight of woe,
Thine often tear--dimmed eye,
The stabbing pain, the slow, dull ache,
And sorrow's broken cry.

He knows it all--but His to choose,
And thine to take His choice!
He knows it all! He planned it so!
Then trust Him, and rejoice!

E. Margaret Clarkson

This is one of those battles in life that I don't ever think that I will be able to come here and report that I had an easy time. I sometimes wish that I could but I have been at this a very long time and I have not been able to say it even once. I have had some very good losses before but they did not come without a lot of prayer and discipline. It did not come easy. Sometimes I wonder why it can't be easy for me. I see others eat all they seemly want and never seem to gain a pound. I see those who gain a few pounds and then get it off quickly. I see the way some eat and people who are always going and doing. I ask myself why wasn't I born like this?

Foolish questions, I might add. God made me this way. He know my every strength and weakness. I have it harder, or at least it seems harder to me, because I must have needed the harder way to keep my eyes on the Lord. I might have forgotten where my strength comes from if I had, had it easy in this area of my life. I might have gotten puffed up and believed that I had stayed at a healthy weight out of my own will and strength. I don't have the answers but I know He knows it all. He know the winding path that I have taken my whole life through. He know the hard climbs that I have had. How that sometimes, I succeed and sometimes I fail when I don't lean on Him, and find myself going off my own way and doing it my way. I know that He knows how hard it is for me in this area of my life. He knows the fear that I have in failing. He knows the stresses and strains my over eating has put on my life. He know my every sorrow with each failure and yet He raises me up again to try once more. He knows the weight on my heart that my bad example is to me. He knows the tears that I have shed over this, knowing that I have influenced my children and Grandchildren and friends with my example. He hears my cries of sorrow and gives me all that I need to try once again. He lays my life in front of me for me to chose. Sometimes, I make very good choices in this area and rejoice and sometimes when I fail, I cry and ask God to forgive my sin and He always does. He gives me friends like you to encourage me to keep on going and for all these things I am thankful. connie


Sis. Julie said...

I sure do agree that this journey is not an easy one!! With each week that I gain I'm so disappointed in myself that I didn't lean on the Lord more that week. It is completely my fault when I gain. But I sure do praise Him when I have a loss because it is certainly not me that accomplishes that alone!! You are doing great Sis!! Keep up the good work!


Dear Sis. Julie, No, it is not an easy journey to weight loss. And when I fail at anything it is most certainly me and not my LOrd. He has given me everything that I need to succeed but I sometimes trade a mouth full of food for my Dear Saviour's approval and smile. What a sinner I am. Buts thanks be to God who gives me the victory when I go His Way. Thank you Sis. Julie, you have encouraged my heart many times down this road. connie