Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here we are already at the end of February and God has been so good to me. I am still trying with my weight and with God's help, I am seeing progress. I am praying that the same is true for all of you.

I will post a new picture soon but I wanted to stop by and thank each of you who have been so faithful to pray for me on this long and slow journey. When I weighed in this past Sunday morning, I was down to a beautiful 189 pounds. I am so thankful. I am off most of my blood pressure meds. now and have cut into half the Lipitor medicine that I take for my clogged arteries.

At my last Doctor's appointment,my cholesterol was down to 160. I don't ever remember it being that low. I am amazed at what God can do. So when I say this new year has been good to me, I really mean, God has been good to me!!

I hope you are still trying and have not given up. I know how hard it is and sometimes the gains seem so small but I do believe more each day that as long as we don't give up......WE WILL SEE VICTORY!!! I LOVE YOU ALL. connie


Sis. Tammy said...

You are looking wonderful! Praise the Lord for giving you the strength to carry on in your goal for weight loss. It is such a struggle. Just like for Eve, Satan always puts the 'fruit' of things in our paths to tempt us. Might we have far more fortitude than she!!! Help us, Lord!


Dear Sis. Tammy, thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. It is so nice to see you.

Yes, you are right,as you said,
"It is such a struggle." I do pray that I remain faithful to be what I know God wants me to be even and especially in the area of remembering that my body is a temple that belongs to God. For to long, I have managed to ignore that fact.

Hope and pray all is well with you and your family. God bless you all. connie

Sunny Days said...

Thank you for stopping by and encouraging me. I really need it right now.
You are doing GREAT!! I'm so proud of you for not giving up. I'm trying hard to not give up....I'm just really weak right now. Please pray for me. :)


Dear Sunny Days,
Thank you for the sweet comments.

You must not give up, Sunny!Victory is just over the hill, keep on keeping on even if it is slow, it just keeps getting better!:)

Remember when we are weak then He is made strong. Others can see Him though our weaknesses. I have prayed for you, Sunny. You must keep on, it is only when we quit that the devil has the victory that could have been ours. Praying for you. connie