Wednesday, April 27, 2011



WILL----Used to express desire, choice, willingness, consent.WAY----The course traveled from one place to another, a series of actions, or sequence of events leading in a direction or toward an objective.MY OBJECTIVE IS TO MAKE GOD'S WILL, MY WAY.

The losing the weight has been such a blessing. There have been a couple of downsides to it though.Said, as she laughs. First thing, I buy clothes that for the most part, I really like. I found as the pounds dropped away, I would not be able to wear some of the clothes that I really liked and felt very comfortable wearing.

But the second reason was the hardest to bear. I have lost enough weight now that my wedding band, no longer fit my finger. We talked of having it downsized.But that filled me with a kind of horror, what if I regained the weight and then I could not wear it again.:( Well, we came up with another idea and this one, I like much better.:) For a Mother's Day gift this year, Jim would buy me another wedding band. I liked that idea the best. I had a anniversary ring that he had bought me for our 30th anniversary. I probably never wore that ring more than a dozen times. It had big diamonds across the top. I felt like I was sticking out and saying, "hey, look at me." I was very proud of the ring but just could not bring myself to wear it.

So, last Saturday evening, He took me to the jewelry store and let me pick out a wedding band. The one above is the one that I picked. It is a gold band with 12 little diamonds across the top. We have been married 49 years this past March 18th, so this ring was very special to me. I feel in my heart, it is the one that I will be wearing when I go out of this world to meet my Lord.

I love the ring because first, it is from him but too, it represents the good, very good marriage we have today. I hold it with much thankfulness as I look at it and count the memories of those years.I look at it and see the man that means the world to me.I look at it and it reminds me of all the sacrifices he has made to give me such a good life. I love him, did you know?

So, this was a sweet reward from my sweet husband. I have now lost 93 pounds from my highest weight.It has taken years but I am so glad that I started on this journey and for the most part, have done it God's way.As His will became my way, I found the pounds leaving. Not always easy, but so worthwhile. When I see my husband's happy, proud look when he looks at me, yes! it has all been worthwhile. Let me add here even when I weighed 256 Pounds, he still looked at me with a pride that only a husband has in someone he loves. He never belittled me or EVER made me feel ugly. His pride when he looks at me now, is in the fact that he knows how hard I have tried. But I know that next to the Lord, Himself, I owe so much to my sweet loving husband, Thank you Jim, from the bottom of my heart♥♥connie

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