Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I wanted to check in, so you all would not think that I had given up. I have not given up by any means. Things are going very well. I am thankful to say. In march we have eight birthdays and especially Jim's birthday which was the 8th of March. He had a very good birthday. I am happy to say. We both did as a matter of fact. Our 46th anniversary is coming up on March 18th. We are taking a whole week this year to get away and celebrate. Every years since we have been married we have always taken a day up to a week to go back and remember all the good times we have had. The reasons why God put us together. The reasons why we have stayed together. Why we continue to want to be together. They all add up to the Lord. He is the very center of our life. It is with the love that He gave us that we are able to love each other through the good and the bad, the sad and the happy. He gives us our reasons for living and living for Him.

I am really doing quiet well with my weight. I haven't lost but about a pound but I am learning new ways. It is becoming much easier for me now. The reason why I have not been around this week is that my second son is here taking a course at our police department on Child abuse. He is an investigator for the Sheriff's Department in another county. So , We have the privilege of him and part of his family being here with us this week. Really, and truly, I just have not had time to sit down at the computer. I did want to take the time to let you know what is going on. To also tell you that I have not forgotten you all for one moment. You have been in my prayers and hope to after our trip next week to be able to visit with you as before. I look forward to it. So please don't forget me.

I am going to take some time before we leave to plan out my meals and exactly how and what I am going to eat. I don't want to be taken by surprise. I want to go prepared. This is really very exciting for me. In the past , I have always said, "Yeah!! a whole week to eat as I please!!!" Not so now, I am determined to stick with my plan. With God's help and the encouragement that I am getting from all of you and others, I truly believe that by the end of this year, I can be down to the goal that I have set for myself.

I hope that each of you are doing very well also. Keep up the good work and I am anxious to hear all about it come Monday week. love you friends. connie


Tori said...

Hey Connie!
46 years!!!! Wow, that's something to talk about! What a better thing to celebrate than being so commited, wonderful!
Also I see your ticker moved a pound, great job!


Thanks, Tori, Yes! 46 years that I am very thankful for have been given by the Lord.
Yes, I think I have finally got the ticker moving again. Hopefully for longer this time. Have a good day. love you, connie

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

How exciting!! Have lots and lots of fun!
I'll keep you in my prayers; as always!


Dear Pam, thank you so much. I know we are going to have a great times getting to spend this time away together at this special time for us. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, as I do you also. connie

sparrow's song said...

WoW, 8 birthdays in one month.

Have a wonderful time on your trip with your husband!

Kim S in SC said...

Hope you are having a wonderful trip. Lifting you up. Praying that these truths you share will strengthen you as temptations come. (1 Cor. 10:13) Praise HIM! Thanks for your encouragement here too! I gained weight over the past two weeks and am working to get that off this week plus some more to head toward my goal.


Dear Sparrow's Song, we had a great time. Can't wait until next years. Have a great weekend. connie


Kim in SC, The thought of all of you and your prayers kept me well within my limits. I am very thankful to the Lord. I will be praying for you and hope you have a great LOrd's Day this week. connie