Monday, March 24, 2008


Yahoo!! I have come through a month of birthdays and our anniversary and with the Lord's help and your encouragement, I have made it through. I have lost one pound. For me, that is victory!!! I am so happy and looking forward to the days now that will be a little easier on the trying. You just can not imagine what has been accomplished in my life. It is very hard to lose even the smallest amount when you have diabetes but put that together in a person who has not always succeeded in controlling her appetite, God has worked a miracle of that I am sure.

I am learning more and more about appetite and hunger. I have not always been able to distinguish between the two. You know I am not even sure that I have always known the difference.

HUNGER--- a craving or urgent need for food or a specific nutrient; an uneasy sensation occasioned by the lack of food.

APPETITE---- one of the instinctive desires necessary to keep up organic life, the desire to eat.

I don't think that I have ever been truly hungry in my entire life. I have been ruled for the most part by my appetite.

I am learning to tell the difference and to try not to eat until I feel hungry. You know that little tell-tell sensation in the pit of your stomach when you have not eaten for four to six hours. Then I try to eat more slowly so that as I am eating and begin to feel full, then I STOP. I feel so much more comfortable and do not have that stuffed feeling. I also do not have to face the feeling of guilt in knowing that I have done wrong. I am finding eating a much more pleasant experience. Being a diabetic, I have to be very careful to eat something every few hours. But I have learned that I don't have to eat a full course meal six times a Of course, I always knew that, but I let my appetite control my desires for to many times.

I do want to thank all of you as well as others who have helped me along the way. I am looking forward to these next days because I am sure now that I can lose a few more pounds. Maybe not as many or a quick as I would like but I am losing and that is my goal.

Since returning from a great anniversary , I have been very busy. I am trying to catch up on all the things that I am behind in doing. I cleaned our refrigerator out today and also the pantry. This is a new beginning to get rid of some of the things that do us no good in being there. My husband has started trying with me today. I am sure that it is going to be much easier for the both of us to work together. Well, it is so good to be back and talking to you all once again. I hope that you all have been having good success. I have not forgotten to pray for each of you. see you again soon. connie


Tori said...

Hey Congratulations Connie on that 1 lb. What a victory to make it through all those special days and still loose. I applaud you!!

That's really interesting about hunger and appetite, thanks for sharing it!!

God's Blessings this week!


Dear Tori,
Thank you so much for all the help and encouragement that you are to me. I am going to get over to visit you shortly. Yes, I am very thankful for the pound loss.

I am glad that you found the post interesting. I have learned a lot about the two.

I hope you are doing well with you goals also. Thank you for caring, Tori. love you, connie

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Praise the Lord for the ONE pound! That's great!!
Something that a former pastor of mine used to say seems appropriate for this post:
"There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who eat to live. And those who live to eat."
I am definitely one of those "live to eat" people!
I'm glad that God has shown you the differences between hunger and appetite. It will help, I'm sure, when it comes time to make choices that will Glorify God!
Keep leaning on him!
Praying.... Pam


Dear Pam., I have always been a live to eat person also. I hope that more times than not now, that its almost too late, I act on what I have learned. Eat when I am hungry and not just because my appetite craves a certain thing. I am sure being a sinner that I will continue to fail but if I succeed more times than I fail then I know that I am doing much better. Thank you Pam for your encourageing words. I appreciate them very much. connie

Hope you are having a really good day. connie

Sis. Julie said...

Woohoo!! 1 lb is great!! Oh the way...I'm back!! I have dsl again and my computer and we are in our new home. So I'm back to posting again. I hope to get to check everyone's blogs and get caught up in the next week (that is how long it will take to catch up on everyone's blogs I'm sure). I sure have missed you!!


Sis. Julie, we have sure missed you. Glad you are in your new home and your computer is doing what computers are suppose to Have fun playing catch up. God bless. connie