Monday, March 22, 2010


WILL----Used to express desire, choice, willingness, consent.

WAY----The course traveled from one place to another, a series of actions, or sequence of events leading in a direction or toward an objective.


My objective has been to make God's will in the matter of losing weight, my way. It has not been easy. There have been many setback of my own making. Even though I have not made it to my final goal, I have reached a big one for me. As of today, I am down to 200 pounds. It has been over ten years since I have seen that mark on my scale. In fact, I don't even have the same scales.

This course that I have traveled from 252 pounds by learning to eat the way that God wanted me to. I have had to be satisfied with the amount that I can eat and still lose weight. Because I have gout and diabetes, I have had to take it very slow. I only have these things because I did not pay attention to God's way for my body to have good health. So by having to take it very slow, and I do mean slow, I have learned many things. I have learned to appreciate that 1/4 of a pound loss. At one time I would have looked with disdain at that amount of loss. Today, I consider it a victory!! Thanking God for each 1/4 of a pound that got me to this point.

I still have goals to complete. My next goal will be getting down to 180 pounds. Praying for God's help all the time to help me reach this goal also. I know that it is His Will, I just have to keep His Will for me, my will also. I will have to keep looking back to see where He has brought me from and all the things that I have learned. I have to look forward to where He is taking me to and giving me the grace to succeed each step of the way. Keeping pride from my heart in knowing that it has been Him and not me, I could not have done this myself. I tried my way for years. It did not work. I thought that I could have my cake and eat it too. Even in dieting, it has to be the desire of your heart and for the right reasons.

I want to thank all of you, who have been with me through a lot of this time. Thank you for your encouragement at times when I was weak, your happiness at each success. You are my blessings and I thank my God for each of you.

I am going to post an up to date picture in a couple of weeks. They are being made ready at wal-Marts at this time. haha. I am sorry she did not take a full length picture but hopefully it want be a long time before I post another. I am making my goal a smaller amount this time, in hopes that I can be an encouragement to one of you. Maybe you have tried and tried and tried again and are just about ready to quit. DO NOT QUIT!!!! You will make it, if you do not give up.

I am going to try and come here more often and look forward to seeing some of you here to visit with me. Take care have a good day and May God bless you ever effort. love you, connie


Sunny Days said...

Congratulations! You are doing a great job and for all the right reasons. I'm glad I could be an encouragement to you even though it was not often. I have not been on here in quite some time but what I realize is that I do need to be on here and I do need your encouragement too! Keep up the good work and never ever give up!


Dear Sunny Days, thank you so much for your encouraging comments. They were a blessing to me. I am glad that you have decided to be on here more and I will happily do all that I can to be an encouragement to you. Hope you have a good week. I will never give up as long as I have a choice. I sure don't want you to either. You have a long life still ahead of you. Make it the very best life that you can. ♥♥love you, connie