Thursday, September 24, 2009


We can have a heart to feel and a head to know and these are needful qualities but we also need a hand to do. We have to have all three to be able to lose weight effectively. This is what I am learning. With my heart, I have lost hundreds of pounds.

We can have the heart that wants and desires to be in better shape, to have the correct body weight, to be able to walk a block or two without huffing and puffing. Our heart longs to be smaller like others who seems to have no problem with weight control.

We can also have the head for losing weight. We know the right amount of calories to eat to lose a pound. We know we need to exercise. We know we have to stay away from large amounts of certain foods. We know we have to have the right portion control. With my head, I have lost hundreds of pounds.

The heart and the head is NOT ENOUGH. We must have a hand that is willing to DO SOMETHING. We must decide to make the choice that we are GOING to lose weight. So, we put our heart and head together and with the help of our hands we WILL MAKE IT.

We can't waste time feeling sorry for ourselves, wishing upon the stars, making all kinds of excuses about why we did or did not lose weight this week. We have to face the fact that it takes our whole being to physically lose weight. That is not even taking into account our Spiritual Being. We must ask God to help us, to encourage us, to lead us in our choices. Then when we ask, we MUST DO! God will always do His part but it is up to us to do ours.

Hope this next week, you will be blessed by letting your heart, head, hands all work together while getting our strength from the Lord. See you, love you, wish you well. connie

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