Tuesday, May 4, 2010



She came tonight as I sat alone

The girl I used to be.

As she gazed at me with her earnest eye

And questioned reproachfully,

Have you forgotten the many plans

And hopes I had for you?

The great career, the splendid fame,

All the wonderful things to do?

Where is the mansion of stately height

With all its gardens rare?

The silken robes that I dreamed for you

And the jewels in your hair?

And as she spoke, I was very sad,

For I wanted her pleased with me,

This slender girl from the shadowy past,

The girl I used to be.

So gently rising, I took her hand

And guided her up the stairs

Where peacefully sleeping, my babies lay,

Innocent, sweet, and fair.

And I told her that these are my only gems,

And precious they are to me;

That silken robes is my motherhood
Of costly simplicity.

And my mansion of stately height is love,

And the only career I know

Is serving each day in these sheltered walls

For the dear ones who come and go.

And as I spoke to my shadowy guest,

She smiled through her tears at me.

And I saw the woman that I am now

Pleased the girl I used to be.
rowena k. lewis

In all of our dieting and going about the things that take up so much of our time, Always remember that if we are raising children, then that should be our upper most priority in life after taking care of our husbands.

My children have long been gone from our home and married with homes and families of their own but they are what is important. They are what gives my heart comfort and joy in living. They each have such special places in my heart. I would not have lived by life any other way than being their Mother.

So, as we go about our lives, let us take care to keep our priorities straight. The main reasons we need to lose weight is because it is pleasing to the Lord. The next reason is so that we can be healthy to be able to take care of the husband and families that God has given to us. If we are blessed enough to have families.

I would like to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to any that come here if you are a mother by birth, or by adoption or by just loving a child. connie

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Deborah said...

Beautiful post, Connie!