Tuesday, April 28, 2009


QUIT-----To depart from or out of; to leave the company of; to relinquish, abandon, or give over ( as a way of thought, acting, or living): Forsake; to give up; To cease normal, expected, or necessary action; to admit defeat; STOP.

To me this is a very sad definition. I do not want to be found among those who quit, forsake, give up, admit defeat, STOP.

I know it really get hard sometimes, but just think where we would be if we did quit!! What a sad thought. We would never stand a chance at being what God would have us to be. We would never meet that goal that we have. DEFEAT would be our cry!!!

NO, NO, I am out for victory!!! No matter how hard nor how longs it takes me to get there, I know that if I do not faint then the victory is mine.

I am holding my own, not gaining and not losing but I have faith that as I continue on one day those scales will go down just a little bit more bringing me closer to my goal. I want to see it!!

I hope if you are having a hard time that his poem will be an encouragement for you. YOU CAN DO IT. Take a look and see how we may be able to do it a little better and those pounds will come off just like the ones we have already lost. Remember we have not gained them back because we have not quit trying. Have a good week and I will see you again soon. connie


Sunny Days said...

You are such an inspiration to me. You have a great attitude and you know just where to look for the strength you need. Never give up you can do this! I thank God for you.


Hey there, Sunny Days, You are an encouragement and we can do this, both you and I and we WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! Thank God for you. connie