Monday, October 6, 2008


Live your life as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance toward the summit, keep the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.
harold b. melchart

Last night as I lay in bed, I found myself laughing out loud. Really quiet literally laughing out loud. I just was thinking back over my life about my weight loss journey and it made me laugh.

My whole life I have had one thing in mind, eat as little as possible,and, lose as much as is possible. Now I find myself in a very unfamiliar place. The doctor says don't lose more than 2 pounds a week but two pounds a month are enough. Somehow that just doesn't fit well into my brain. It goes against everything that I have tried to do in losing weight.

So this morning I found my self laughing out loud again. It was time for me to weigh on the dreaded scale. Oh, no, I said to myself, "I was only supposed to lose no more that two pounds." The scale showed me losing 5 pounds since last Wednesday. Now, how can that be, I am fixing to have to eat more. Me eat more, that is really laughing material to me. I feel like laughing right now even as I write this post.

I know I have to try and do what the Doctor told me to do or I will be having GOUT again. I SURE DON'T WANT THAT. But me having to eat more so I want lose too much! Wow, who would have ever believed such a thing was possible as it concerns me.

The Doctor made some changes in the medications he is giving me for the blood glucose and I am having some side effects from that but they are suppose to get better. I am feeling really quiet well this week.

I have gone to the Lord, so much complaining of not being able to eat enough and would He please help me to lose the weight. He answered in a way that I would not have even thought about. I was doing it wrong and it took a few bouts of GOUT and high blood sugar level for me to finally get it!! I don't need to lose every pound tomorrow. I should just enjoy each day that the Lord gives me to live, taking an occasional look at the goal that lays ahead of me, keeping the goal in mind but enjoying the days that come for me, to eat right as I get my body healthy because I DO WANT THAT MOUNTAIN. It may come slower and now I have to change my mindset,(laughing out loud) but I have not changed in knowing that with God's help I CAN, in fact WE ALL CAN. I am praying for you.

J0SHUA 14:6-15

Joshua wanted a mountain and He asked the Lord for it. Read the story and you will see what great things God can do when we ask. He will give us our mountains also. connie


Fuschia said...

I stopped in today to see your progress. I've gone back on WW and am finally making some progress myself.
Slow and steady wins the race, my friend!
And never, never forget the Greater One lives in YOU!!


Fuschia, thank you. I sure know what you are talking about.He lives in me and gives me my reason for living, He died for me and rose again.

I am happy that you are making progress. I know you will make it. Have a great week. YOu are in my prayers. connie

Deborah said...

Hi Connie, I don't come here often but since I've added a category called Weighing In, I thought I'd check out your progress. What an encouraging post...I can hear you laughing! My own weight loss plan has always been a little hit and miss....I have about 25 pounds to lose, but it seems to be slow going. Right now I'm just trying to maintain...but oh those sweet things call out to me...especially with kids in the house!
Have a nice day!

itsboopchile said...

I read you often. Your words are so uplifting.
Betty G


Dear Deborah, thanks for visiting this blog. I know how hard it is with children in the home. I have been fighting my weight my entire life as long as my memory holds in my years of youth. I was always been the over weight one in our family of nine children. It is not that way in our older age but for me it has been a constant battle. I believe that for most of that time, I fought the battle for the wrong reasons and with the wrong prospective. It is just as hard now but at least I understand what is going on and why the battle is so hard.

I hope your week is one of victory in this area of your life. Come again any time, you are welcome. connie


Dear Itsboopchile, so glad to meet you and happy to have you visit. Please if you think it will be of help to you, come as often as you like. You will always be welcome. Thank you for your very kind comments. connie

His Wife and Their Mommy said...

Thats great mom.. good work.!!


Thanks Chris, I really appreciate that. love you, Mom