Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was told a couple of weeks ago that I needed to have my teeth cleaned. Not just cleaned by deep cleaned. Now, I have only been to the dentist twice in my life, this being the second time. How did I know what "deep cleaned" meant. I just knew I didn't want to lose my teeth. The dentist said this is what I needed. So my husband set up an appointment for me on this past Friday and began to save the money needed. Wow! Made me wish I had "flossed". I am not even sure about all that.

My son, Jeff's advice for me was, "Mom tell them to give you "laughing gas." Now I knew that I didn't want to be laughing while I had my mouth wide open. Then this past Wednesday night my son Jeremy, told me, "Mom, you KNOW it is going to hurt." Well, no I didn't until he told I was beginning to get a little nervous by now. But still determined, I kept very busy so that I would not have time to think about what might be going to happen inside my mouth.

So Friday morning came and my husband took me to the dentist, nothing happened to keep him away. So without excuse, I got into the car to face what lay ahead.

They were very nice at the Dentist's office.Took me right back to a small room with I noticed a large chair that was practically reclining. The nurse told me to get on it. I look at my husband to see if he was going to rescue me and he smiled sweetly and said, "It will be just fine, hon." So, slowly I lay down to meet my fate.

The nurse sat down beside me and said now we can do this one of two ways, we can either have the dentist come in and give you a shot or we can use jel. She said the jel works fine for some people and others it doesn't. Hey! well I knew that I didn't want a shot if I could get out of it. So I said, I will take the jel. She put it on my gums. She got every which way in my mouth with this thing that squirted water and ever once in a while she would say close your mouth and it would suck up everything in my mouth that was lose. Very strange feeling. She worked steadily for an hour first the top half and then the bottom half of my teeth.She would pick a while and then I am not sure what it was she was doing but I didn't smell anything burning nor did I feel any PAIN. It didn't hurt and I didn't laugh all the way through it.So things seemed to be going just fine. She kept asking if I was ok. I kept nodding my head in the affirmative not knowing if I was suppose to not be ok or not.

She finally said she had finished. She gave me a new toothbrush and some floss and explained how to use it. Wow! That is going to be a job. She told me that she would see me again on next Friday for the other half.

It seems so odd to have one side of your teeth cleaned and knowing that the other side after 65 years must be off the charts. But it did feel must better on the good side and I can hardly wait for next Friday to get the other side cleaned so I can have a fully clean mouth.YEA!!!

I have said all of that to say this, I have not had a hard time staying on my program this week. In the beginning I was too nervous to eat and now I am not wanting to get my teeth on the good side dirty. I am sure that as the days pass, I will get over it. lol. Thank you for listening about my dental problems and how they are being solved. I will try to do better next week in this space. Thanks again.connie


Tori said...

Oh Connie,
I have a huge phobia of dentists. Reading your post made my heart pound, just the thought of the office. Glad your teeth are feeling much cleaner. :0)

Oh yea, have you posted any looses lately? Sometimes I miss out on those posts, how ya doing?


I am doing really well, I have lost all that I had gained the two months I was not doing good and I have lost 3 more pounds. Hope you are doing well also. Some of my Grandchildren are here for a few days now if I just am very careful what I am eating it will work out fine. We'll see. connie

fearfully and wonderfully made said...

You are a very brave woman! I tremble at the thought of having to go the dentist.
One time when I was six, I went to the dentist to get a cavity filled. The nurse asked me if I wanted a shot! Of course I didn't want one! They filled the cavity without giving me anything. My mom could hear my crying from the waiting room. I've hated going ever since.


Dear Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Not brave at all. But I sure don't like the thought of a needle coming toward me and especially my mouth. Boy, I bet that did hurt you. They let my husband go into the room with me. I wouldn't have gone by myself. Have a good week. connie

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I don't fear the dentist or shots, but I can understand why some of you would. I'm glad that you got your teeth cleaned well and it doesn't sound like you had any major problems.. that's great!
Congratulations for the weight loss you mentioned in your comment to Tori!! YEA!! Can't wait to see your next picture when you reach your next goal :)


Dear Pam, No, thankfully, I had no problems other that having to have them cleaned for which I am very thankful. He said that I should be able to keep my teeth for the rest of my life. For that I am glad.

Yes, I can't wait to get to the goal where I take another picture. Not too long now. Have a great week. connie

Senkyoshi said...

Hi! I've been missing you at Sparkpeople. Glad you are still going after your goals.


Dear Senkyoshi, I am so glad to hear from you. Yes, I found that I couldn't keep up with both. So I decided to stick here. Yes, I am still going after my goal and after a hard time a few months ago things are going again for which I am very thankful. I hope you are doing great!! and continue to do so. connie