Tuesday, January 15, 2008


How easy it is in this life to have other gods before our GOD? I looked up the word god. It said as part of the definition, "One controlling a particular aspect or part of reality." Now, if we are to be honest, we must admit that at times food does control a part of our reality. Does it not? I know for me there have been times that my mind seemed constantly on the next meal, what we were eating or how to fix this or that or having something to do with food. I know that in times past I have made food a god. Anything that we put before God in our lives becomes a God to us. Yet, God's word tells us in Exodus 20:3 that, "THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER gODS BEFORE ME." He tell us NO OTHER gODS. We have to be very careful how we look at and use food. This is one sin that is very plain to see. It is in the puffiness of the face, around the hips and stomach. Even our feet and hands become larger. Our necks become thicker . We pay the price for eating too much. Our bodies and the systems of our bodies become weaker and do not work as efficient. Our blood pressure goes up, our arteries clog, our blood sugar goes to high, too much pressure is put on our joints, etc. Yes, we pay a very high price. We are not bringing honor and glory to God with our bodies being used in such a way. As we start to take a bite of food, we need to ask ourselves, Am I hungry, Do I need this for energy to make my body work . Will I be using what I am eating to bring honor to God or is in for my own fleshly lust. There is nothing wrong with having food sometimes just for pleasure but if it causes us to gain weight in excess then it becomes wrong. These are just some things that I have been thinking about lately and I wanted to share them and see what you think. connie


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I've often had similar thoughts..... Do I think of God as often as I think of food? Like you, I plan for it, desire it, spend time preparing it.... do I do as much for God? Thank you for this reminder.

Feel free to stop by my new dieting blog whenever you'd like. http://glorifygodinyourbody.blospot.com


Dear Pam, I came by a little while ago and was so pleased that you had started the new blog. I will come back often. I hope we as Sisters in Christ can help each other as we try to "Glorify God in our bodies." Thank you for the encouragement you are to me. connie

Karen said...

Hello Connie!

I've been visiting your blog but have been busy and haven't left a comment because I wanted to take the time to write a longer one because I know you've gone through a tough time losing your sister-in-law. I hope you and Jim are doing well and how wonderful that you were given assurance that she accepted God's gift of salvation. What a blessing.

Let me say I am particularly thankful for you today. When your comment came in on my blog, I was in the middle of popping a chocolate-laden rice crispy treat in my mouth! I have been having such a difficult time eating right lately. Your post on 'other gods' was just perfect.

So, thank you for your post, your prayers, and for checking in on me! I so appreciate it!


Karen, you are welcome. I have come to feel like I know you and you are in my prayers. YOu have been a blessing to me from the start of our friendship and I am thankful for having met you.

Jim and I are doing just fine. The Lord's strength is more than enough.Friends like you have been a great blessing also. Yes, the assurance that Margie was saved has given us great hope that one day we will see her again. Thank you, Karen, connie

Kim S in SC said...

Connie: I didn't realize that you had a blog on eating and living God's way. I help lead a group of women and men in First Place at our church so you will see many posts on my site about putting Him First Place, especially focusing on treating our bodies like the temple of the Lord they are. I'll be praying with you! What a great vehicle He has given us and what an honor it is to serve Him in the body. I want it in the best condition possible! Nothing before him, including oreos(my food that I have at one time or another let rule me)
Love in HIM! Walking with you in this desire to get our bodies fit for His service and His glory!


Kim, Thank you. I will be looking for your post. Letting food win the battle in our hearts is so easy because so many of us have this problem and its not looked down on as some other sins are.But to God, I am sure that He is not pleased at times, at least with me. Thank you for praying for me. connie

Mrs.B said...

An excellent post, thank you! (o:


Mrs. B., thank you. Please keep me in your prayers. connie

Kim McBroom said...

As of November, I have been allowing God to help me (notice that it is a matter of the will) to understand that overeating is sin. I have struggled with it for my whole life...I am looking to the Lord for the strength to "have no other god" in my daily living.

My memory verse for this week is:
"Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof." Romans 6:12

God bless you as you work on your relationship with Him.


Dear Kim, that was great encouragement to me.Thanks so much. That is a great verse and one that will be of great help to me. I will go back and memorize it again.

I have fought this battle my whole life also but never in this way. I am finding it is much slower but my body is adjusting much better this way. It is the flesh, I know that wants it done NOW. I am having to be patient and wait on God as I do the things that I know are is will for me to do. I will pray for you and please, you keep me in yours.Hopefully the next we meet, we can see the that the Spirit in this area of our lives has had the victory. I will be looking forward to that day.connie