Monday, November 12, 2007


" Wanting to win is common to all; working to win is the real mark of a champion."
author unknown

We are always trying to make an excuse why we are overweight.

An excuse is an excuse.

EXCUSE---To make apology for; to try to remove blame from; justify,Something offered as grounds for being excused

I know that there have been many times in my life as I was trying to lose the excess weight and something unexpected came up, like a death, a celebration, a holiday, these were times that I would make excuses to go back to an old way of eating. I know that when I do things the same way then the same things keep happening. I gain weight. I also know that if I want to lose weight then I must do things in a different way .

With God's help, I have been able to lose this week. I am very thankful that no matter what came up that I was able with His help to stick to my plan.

Like the quote at the top of this post, I also know that wishing or wanting does not make a thing happen. I have to do the work to get it accomplished. We all do. If there is something in our lives that we want to accomplish whether it is losing weight or not, we each have to have the goal and do the work necessary to accomplish the fact.

I love the cat jumping on the scales with balloons in his hands(on the right side bar) to make himself weigh less. I have tried in my own way to do this many times. Weigh with my shoes off, wear the lightest weight clothes that I have in my closet, not eat for the day before, none of these things work. They are all just a means of lying to myself. I did not do the work necessary in the last week to show a loss. Now I am having to face the judgement of the scales as they tell me the truth.

My Dad used to say, "if you have trouble sleeping at night, keep getting up early enough in the morning and stay up all day, then when you lay down at night , you will be able to sleep." I know this is true because I have tried it out and it does work. It is the same way with gaining weight. To gain you have to eat more than your body needs to operate. So to lose weight you have to eat less than it needs to operate. Then you will lose weight.

I have been doing something this past week that has helped me a lot. If I feel like I am going to die if I don't get what I want to eat, I try to eat something with less calories. I wanted a piece of pie so much, one night but instead, I settled for an orange. It worked that time.

Another time, I was very hungry , at least that is what my mind was telling me but then I remembered that I had read several times over the last month that sometimes when we feel hungry it is really that our body is wanting water. I have found this to be true many times this week. I was really quiet satisfied after drinking a glass of water.

I hope things have gone very well for each of you this week, whether you have been trying to lose weight or accomplishing another goal in your life.


Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power
: for thou hast created ALL things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

--john greenleaf whittier


HOPE said...

Oh am I the first to comment here...must be a confirmation for ME also Connie!

Did you have to mention PIE...we had company over for PIE and I told them eat it up..or I'll end up eating it ALL...of course...piece by piece! I'm near the last...tomorrow! I LOVE PIE.

so my husband and I decided we both need to lose a few pounds and after the last piece of more "goodies" until Thanksgiving!

Speaking of water (your other post comments) I plan to fill water bottles and try to empty them each day. I know water is one of the most important parts of weight loss. My stairs help a lot too!

Thanks for the encouraging post...I'm with ya!


Hope, thanks a lot. I love pie also. I wish you and your husband the best. We have a church camping trip coming up on Thursday though Saturday at 2:oo p.m. I am going to have to be very careful. I have made plans so I think I will be alright but I am weak oh, so weak when it comes to snacks. Have a good week Hope. connie

jennifer said...

Well yeah! I lost my jens makeover blog..but I have lost 10 pounds so far:)

With God all things are POSSIBLE.

So Bill lost his blog, my penofjen lost and returned and y jens and yours ???blogger is acting like humans making mistakes:)

I am still chip free...and loving how i feel!

Karen said...

Hi Connie!
Two of the kids and I just returned from NY. It was encouraging in the sense of what you talked about.....I was able to be in those unexpected situations you were talking about....and have victory. Instead of gorging myself on the best pizza in the world (that I haven't had for 8 years) I planned ahead, made good choices, and was very satisfied with a small amount of the infamous pizza.

I'm glad my daughter isn't embarrassed that her dear old mom brought her to McDonalds to the playland in the morning for breakfast but I carried in my box of extra fiber All Bran and a nonfat yogurt for myself. The longer I'm doing this, the easier those choices are to make. I'm so glad I have you and the others around to encourage me!

I'm glad you were successful this week! I'm sure it will become a trend. Somehow, making it through the holidays and still sticking to a reasonable eating plan successfully is particularly motivating.

Have a good day Connie!

Karen said...

Just wanted you to know that i am praying for you Connie.
God Bless.


Jenn., I am so excited for you. I know you must feel really good . We just keep on til God gives us the victory. YES!!! connie


Karen, Good for you. The effort paid off and now there is no regret and wishing for what might have been. We will make it. I sure your daughter is very proud of you. I will be thinking of you during the holidays. I am especially going to watch my portion sizes. That is going to be my ofjective for this week.

Have a good week, dear Karen. connie


Karen, my heart is touched and my eyes are misty with thanks for your prayers. I appreciate them so much. I know that I really need them.

I meant to tell you, sorry it took me a while to get back to answer your comments, We left early Thursday morning on our Church camping trip.We had so much fun and I did quiet well. I think the Lord was pleased with my discipline. I sure pray that He was. Thanks again, Karen. connie